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 Featured Projects.
HK London II

   The interior design project belongs to the basement floor of HK London which is completely suitable to serve approx.

FS Entrance

   The entrance design project belongs to one of the well-known house in Fort Lauderdale, FL. That is located on a close distance to the most popular Ft. Lauderdale beach. The owner of them usually use the property as a summer house because of the location.

   As seen in the picture, the inspiration comes from the exterior of the building which is surrounded by trees and the incredible beaches near to the property. So the fact that the design belongs to wood materials a lot and the interior has the reflection of the location's natural elements like as pebble under the staircase.


BN House

   The living room interior design project in Fulham, London. That is located on a close distance to the city center and preferred to indicate an elegant view in the living room where mostly spend time. 

   In living room, some different materials come together like as wood, mirrors, marble and so on. The main color preferred from gray color scale to create a combination with the other side of the entire house. Although the portable furnitures are all made by black hue, the space has shown wide and spacious with the other preferred design elements.

EU Kitchen

   The kitchen renovation project in Hadley Wood, London. It has approx. 30 sqm space with a big, open kitchen island.


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